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With SimpleCitizen, your immigration application is personal; tailored just for you and your individual situation. We strive to make the entire experience as effortless as possible, but don’t take our word for it. Hear what our customers have to say about us!

I recommend SimpleCitizen. They're going to work with you. They're going to get to know you're case. They're going to make sure that everything is done properly – every single detail matters to them. I had a really good experience.

josef | Peru

I had no idea how to get started but SimpleCitizen walked me through the whole process and a week later my application showed up at my house all ready to go.

olivia | United Kingdom

They were with me throughout all the different steps to answer questions, to clarify certain things, and to help me out. And if it was something beyond their scope of understanding, they had an entire team of legal advisers and lawyers, specializing in immigration law, to help out.

moe | Mexico

The idea of getting a Green Card was really scary because lawyers are so expensive and doing all of the paperwork by ourselves, it was really daunting because the idea of making a mistake and having it sent back was just not what we wanted. Overall, I would definitely recommend SimpleCitizen to anyone looking to get a Green Card. They really are simplest and easiest option.

vivian | Canada

SimpleCitizen's Customers Have Spoken

4.9 average | 1000+ reviews through Google & Trustpilot

Chris Barrett
Dec. 2023

I've had a fantastic experience with Simple Citizen, utilizing their services for both my marriage Green Card and the Removal of Conditions process. Dealing with immigration can be incredibly stressful, but having their support made a significant difference. Their team consistently provided prompt and helpful assistance. I particularly valued the additional legal review they offered, which greatly improved my application. I wholeheartedly recommend Simple Citizen to anyone navigating the complexities of immigration.

Xucheng Zhao
Dec. 2023

In my simple citizenship experience, the biggest stress is not the forms and papers, but the materials you need to prepare and follow the USCIS requirement. This requires the efforts of couples, friends, family, and case managers. In my case his name is "Daniel" and we are constantly updating the material, changing it, fixing dates, asking questions, etc. To be honest, I became upset and impatient and my wife wanted everything to be perfect. Daniel was very patient, never tired of us, always polite and always answered our questions. Help us until the end. What a privilege to work with him and what a great work attitude.

Damiano Cuppone
Dec. 2023

Great customer service. The representatives that helped us were formidable and the calls with their legal department to get things in order before the actual interview at the US consulate were really helpful. Highly recommended!

Raja Zeitany
Dec. 2023

This service is outstanding. We just used them to apply for a green card and I cannot overstate how responsive and effective they were. We are 3 months post submitting our application packet and we received notification that the green card was approved. SimpleCitizen is the best service I have ever used. Extra special recognition for our account manager, WILENYS! She was amazing and helpful every step of the way. If you need immigration services, skip the local paralegal and hire an expert, SimpleCitizen.

Raquel R.
Dec. 2023

I used SimpleCitizen services because a friend from school recommended them to me. The price of their services is very reasonable and their website seemed reliable, so I decided to give them a try. I'm not disappointed at all, the staff are very friendly, especially Wilenys, who was always very patient making sure we had everything correct and kept following up with us too which was really nice as a lot of times the only thing that matters to people is getting your money, and after that they don't really care about your process. The USCIS got my application on September 28 and it was accepted, and by today, November 30, I already went to my biometrics appointment. I think my process is going smoothly and I am very grateful to SimpleCitizen for all their help.

Chen Yang
Dec. 2023

I had really positive experience with it. They answer things in detail and give really good examples. Emma, my case manager, is super responsive and good at what her job. She made sure my things were sent out before the holiday and many thanks for that!!

Camila Guzman
Nov. 2023

Wilenys showed so much patience with my application for a GC! There was a lot of reviewing and going back-and-forth, which increased my anxiety, but Wilenys was always attentive and supportive. I absolutely love how easy, affordable and smooth the process was, which would’ve given me a headache if done by myself lol. 100% recommend SimpleCitizen.

Yujue Xiao
Nov. 2023

I’m in half way sending out my application. My case manager Amanda is so helpful, she answered all my questions and helped me all the way through my application. I highly recommend this company!

Zachary Vollrath
Nov. 2023

Amanda showed extreme patience with me while I was creating my application. She was more than helpful with every question I had along the way. Simple Citizen has made a stressful time seem easy and straightforward. I have 100% confidence in my application process moving forward and the price was un beatable. Thank you Amanda, and Simple Citizen !!!!

Valentina Allende
Nov. 2023

My whole experience applying for my green card was exceptional with Simple citizen. I recommend it 100%.

Alma Velazquez
Nov. 2023

Es súper fácil y accesible. Contestan rápido y oportunamente los mensajes, a cualquier mínima duda que tengas. Lo recomiendo 200%

Zamokuhle Gina
Nov. 2023

The best people to help with your USCIS documents !! I love the quick email responses to any questions or concerns we might have . I struggled a bit with editing the application online but they were patient with me and helped me figure it out . Thanks again to Wilenys!

Chris Sykes
Oct. 2023

This company has been an absolute life saver, worth every single penny. Mckay specifically has been working with us for over a year. She has some of the best customer service skills I've seen and she's willing to help me with everything and anything. I wish I could nominate her for an award or something. If you're lucky enough to get Mckay as your helper, you truly are blessed. THANK YOU SIMPLE CITIZEN AND MCKAY!

Harsheil Arora
Oct. 2023

This was an amazing experience. My wife and I were struggling with figuring out how to get a lawyer or how to do this ourselves. SImpleCitizen made it so much easier and it was so much more affordable. The software is super easy to use and a majority of your application gets taken care of, but the magic is in the people that work there. Our case manager Emma helped us so much with our insane number of questions and patiently answered everything. She was helpful in every possible way. Given the price and the service, it is 100% worth it and the people actually care a lot.

Lea Hartwig
Oct. 2023

Simplecitizen has been absolutely amazing during our green card process. We were in contact with multiple staff members, but Ketsia was our main person to come to with concerns. They make the application easy and look over your documents until they are perfect to send. Even after the application process is over they are available to help with any questions and concerns. Many thanks guys!

Thao Phung
Oct. 2023

Excellent service! The staffs were very helpful answering our questions. The package came in neatly organized, I just added page markers to navigate forms and sections easier. We got our application approved within 3 months without interview. Highly recommend!

Natali Waits
Oct. 2023

THANK YOU, Amanda! You were wonderful in this process. We have used Simple Citizen twice now. I would recommend them. Both times things went very well. Communication has improved 100% during this second with them. Not to say the first time was all that bad, it was good. Things have gotten much better. They make the process very simple and if a mistake is made, or the government needs something else, they are on top of it. I will be calling on them again for our final filing.

Luwei Han
Oct. 2023

They have unbailable work ethic, I can actually reach out to them and get a quick feedback whenever I needed.

Bunchung Ly
Sept. 2023

We worked with SimpleCitizen for our marriage-based Green Card application and the whole process was so seamless. Marieka is our case manager and she has been just so wonderful to work with. She has been so responsive and attentive to our questions/needs. Our application has been received by the USCIS recently and we are just waiting to hear about next steps. We would highly recommend them!

Ala Mohsen
Sept. 2023

I am immensely grateful for consulting SimpleCitizen for my green card application. I received my card in under 8 months without any RFEs. The most remarkable aspect of SimpleCitizen's services is their thorough step-by-step guidance on the whole process and required documentation. I spent over a month working on their lawyer's feedback, which saved me time that I would otherwise spent responding to USCIS. The smallest tips matter, even if you don't see them that important. For this reason, I wholeheartedly recommend everyone to use SimpleCitizen service!

Andrea Chicchon
Sept. 2023

Definitely recommend Simple Citizen to anybody who is looking to work on their immigration documents. Everybody on the team have been so patient and on point when answering my questions. Also they get back to you super fast! Enjoyed every moment during this long process and felt like I could trust SimpleCitizen with my case. Thank you guys!!

Tabianna Riley
Sept. 2023

They are so professional and they help me throughout the entire process. Sofi was the agent assigned to me and she was great! Would definitely recommend

Charmagne Untalan
Sept. 2023

I have used Simple Citizen twice now. First was during the application of green card and EAD through marriage and second was during the processing of removal of conditions since we filed for green card before our second year anniversary. They are fast to respond, has a user friendly online portal and was just very helpful overall. They diligently check our documents and provided very good suggestions to ensure our application is complete before submission. I highly recommend Simple Citizen - way affordable than hiring immigration lawyers with excellent service quality.

Matt P
Sept. 2023

Fantastic service. They worked with us step by step to make sure everything was perfect and their communication was convenient and clear. If you follow their guidance the process is very smooth. Highly recommend!

Immigration Stories, Written by Actual Customers

The immigration process can be overwhelming, but we’ve made completing your immigration application straightforward with our personalized service and easy-to-follow process. SimpleCitizen customers from all over the world have shared their stories about how using SimpleCitizen helped make their immigration journey easier.

I cannot express enough how grateful I am to SimpleCitizen for their invaluable support throughout my citizenship process. From the very beginning, they made the complex process so much easier to navigate, and their team was always available to answer any questions or concerns I had. Thanks to SimpleCitizen, I am now a proud citizen of the United States.

mickey | Nepal

Al inicio tuve muchísimas dudas sobre como comenzar mi proceso de inmigración, luego como llenar toda la papelería que necesitaba o pensaba que necesitaba. – Una amiga me dijo de SimpleCitizen porque ella lo usó, y ya no tuve ni que pagar miles de dólares al abogado que me iba a ayudar y el servicio incluyó todo el llenado de mis formas, tradujeron mi acta de nacimiento gratis y me llegó el paquete a mi casa listo para firmar y enviar al gobierno!

alexi | Mexico

I initially had my doubts about using a website to apply for a green card but it turned out to be awesome. I had no idea how to get started but SimpleCitizen walked me through the whole process and a week later my application showed up at my house all ready to go. All I had to do was sign it and then send it to the government. I have a lot of international friends and family and I always recommend SimpleCitizen to them. Great service!

olivia | United Kingdom

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  • How does SimpleCitizen work?
  • After you complete the eligibility quiz and sign up for your SimpleCitizen account, you will officially start your journey with us by filling out your SimpleCitizen questionnaire - which collects all the information needed to fill out your USCIS forms. Throughout the questionnaire, you will be asked to upload certain documents that help support your application and prove your eligibility for the immigration benefit you are requesting from USCIS. SimpleCitizen will also translate any government-issued documents that are required by USCIS for you. Once your questionnaire is complete and your supporting documents have been uploaded and translated, you can submit your application for review. Standard cases receive a SimpleCitizen accuracy check, which is a comparison between the forms you generated and the supporting documents you provided to ensure that the information is consistent and free of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Premium, Deluxe, and Professional cases will receive a legal review by an independent immigration attorney. All reviews will be completed within 5-10 business days.After the attorney completes their legal review, you will then be assigned to a case manager who will share the attorney’s feedback and easy-to-follow instructions on how to improve your application using the tools available with your SimpleCitizen account. Once you have made your updates, we will ship the entire application to your home or a FedEx office for pickup. You will just need to sign your forms, include your applicable USCIS fees, passport-sized photos (if required), and mail the package to USCIS following our included and detailed instructions.Read More
  • How much does the immigration process cost?
  • Here at SimpleCitizen, our mission is to streamline the immigration process by making it easier to understand and more affordable. The price of your SimpleCitizen application package depends on which service level you choose. You can compare service levels and prices here.IMPORTANT: You will need to pay your USCIS filing fees. They are NOT included in your SimpleCitizen service fee. Additionally, USCIS fees vary based on application type and are subject to change by the government. We know saving for, and identifying what USCIS filing fees apply to your situation can be stressful. SimpleCitizen’s support team is here to guide you. You can also look up USCIS filing fees using the USCIS fee calculator.Read More
  • How do I know if I can use SimpleCitizen and am eligible to apply for immigration benefits?
  • We get it. Determining whether you are eligible for an immigration benefit can be very difficult for some people. That’s why we’ve created our eligibility quiz. By answering just a few questions, our software can help you figure out which immigration benefits you might qualify for on your own. After you determine your eligibility, you can get started on your selected application type. Contact our live chat for support if you have questions as you go through the quiz. We’d be happy to assist you!
  • I’m trying to decide between your deluxe and professional packages. How can I choose which package is best for me?
  • If you’re looking for legal advice and the peace of mind only a licensed immigration attorney can provide, our Deluxe or Professional packages could be great options. If you need advice about your situation, are nervous about the interview, or just want the opportunity to sit down and talk with an Immigration Attorney and your options, we recommend signing up for the Professional package. While there are a lot of similarities between the Deluxe and Professional packages, the Professional package is unique in that it includes 3 attorney consultations at vital touchpoints in your immigration journey. Of the two options, it provides the greatest value.
  • Who will be reviewing my application?
  • SimpleCitizen partners with a network of independent immigration attorneys who review the applications generated by customers who purchase premium, deluxe and professional packages. Immigration attorney legal reviews usually include recommendations about making an application more accurate and complete while providing legal advice tailored to your situation. This helps make sure you are putting your best foot forward and can more successfully navigate submitting your application to USCIS.IMPORTANT: Standard application packages are not reviewed by an independent immigration attorney. Instead, a SimpleCitizen case manager reviews them for spelling mistakes, grammar issues, and consistency. No matter what application package you choose, SimpleCitizen employees cannot give you legal advice. If you want the peace of mind and legal guidance only an immigration attorney can provide, we suggest purchasing a premium, deluxe, or professional application package.
  • How long does it take to have the application finalized and ready to send to USCIS?
  • A lot of the process timeline depends on how quickly you work through your application, provide your documents and submit for review and feedback. On average it takes approximately 2 weeks from start to finish. Some people complete everything super fast, some people take longer. Here at SimpleCitizen, we work hard to get you the feedback on your application as quickly as possible. Application reviews are completed in the order they are received, and the average turnaround time is approximately 5-10 business days. As soon as the feedback on your application is ready, you will be assigned a SimpleCitizen case manager who will share this feedback with you and guide you through the rest of the process. Once you have implemented the feedback provided, depending on the package you purchased, we will either send you a final PDF or we will ship the entire application to your address or a pickup location of your choice, ready to sign and send off to USCIS.

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